Jeff Ellis – Free Mix Giveaway

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Enter to win a free mix for one song by Grammy Award winning Engineer Jeff Ellis! Courtesy of SoundBetter, and in partnership with The Orchard.

Jeff Ellis is a Grammy Award winning recording engineer and Grammy nominated Mix engineer and has been Frank Ocean’s Engineer for nearly 5 years. His most notable works include both Frank Ocean's "channel ORANGE" and "Blonde".

Jeff will select one lucky artist to receive a free mix.

Giveaway Ended

Winner: Gala Gabaldón - Las Vvitch

From Jeff:

"I ended up listening to every song personally myself. It was actually quite fun and very interesting.

I chose Las Vvitch because they had original energy and I fell in love with them instantly, which is crazy because I don't even speak Spanish. I could tell right away that they are the type of artists that are so secure in themselves and their message that they are unafraid to be themselves 100% and this came through in the music despite being in a different language.

I was so instantly hooked on the vibe of this band I had to know more about them instantly and found myself googling what little information I could find on them. These are the types of bands I want to work with. Totally vulnerable and and original. I had no idea I was a fan of Barcelonian trap music, however, they made me a fan instantly.

On further research, I found that their music also carries a positive message. Their lyrics (from what I can tell through translation) are centered around fighting against misogynistic language that is basically standard in trap music.

Anyway. I wish I lived in Spain now and I wish I was friends with this group in real life. I am a giant fan boy instantly and would be honored to mix one of their songs!

Second runner up - PLGRMS Official

Third runner up - David Ziegler-Voll


Honorable mentions

  • Ksenija L
  • Slade Keaton
  • Alex Favilla
  • Ryan Camping
  • Hen yannı